Podcast to encourage and inspire women in their faith.

May 2018 Update

Listen in to find out what's happening with Trinity Digital Ministry!

Mutual Love Podcast

Christ's love for us shows mutual Love for us.

The transcript is here.

Christ’s Love Affair (2)

The Bridegroom & His Bride express their love! The transcript is here.

Worship song/video is here.

Christ’s Love Podcast

Christ's Love multi-part series. A metaphor of Christ's love for us!

Same Power

The same power that raised Jesus from the grave lives in us!

Transcript is here: //trinitydigitalministry.org/same-power

The Enemy

Love your enemy, not hate!

You can read text version here! Like the previous podcast, there is some commentary in the audio that isn't in the text version. But, you get the idea in the reading.

I Called On You!

Answering the call of God! You can find the written version here: I Called On You <== Click the link to read. There are quotes and some commentary in audio not mentioned in the written version. You'll get the idea, though.

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